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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!


By Lauren Dempsey

Escaping locked rooms. Friendly competition. Lots of laughter. It’s all in a day’s (team)work at CBS ArcSafe!

For the ArcSafe crew’s recent team building day, we piled onto a bus and were taken to two places (three if you count accidentally stopping at the wrong location — oops). The first stop was at a place called Escape the Room, where we broke up into two teams. Each team had to complete an Escape the Room challenge; then the teams were changed up and put in new, harder rooms to escape.

The teams were locked in a room for an hour and had to collaborate in the search for clues. One clue led to the next, with the goal of finding a key or unlocking a code to get out of the locked room. This was a great exercise because it challenged everyone to look at the details, think outside of the box, and work together to first find the clues, then solve them. This was not a task that could have been done alone. Every person brought their own unique ideas to the room. For example, one person would notice a clue in a picture, such as a GPS coordinate, and another person would have an idea of how the GPS coordinate was relevant.

I’m glad to report that each team escaped the rooms successfully! The activity showed us the importance of diversity and collaborating. Hopefully everyone left with a new respect for their colleagues. After a morning of using lots of brain power, we headed to Top Golf for games and a nice lunch. We enjoyed fresh air, laughter, and a little friendly competition — a great reward to top off the day.

At CBS ArcSafe, our products are customized to each order, so we have to put our minds together to find solutions to the challenges each situation brings. Much like finding the clues in the rooms, teamwork enables us to come up with great solutions for our customers and to further the success of the company. Or, as our T-shirts said, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

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